DaleI have been the lead pastor at Sutherland Evangelical Church since 2005. It has been a journey home for me, since I grew up in this church and formerly served as a youth pastor here in the late 80’s. God’s leading is always good and I feel privileged to serve here. Personally, I love to read, take walks with my wife Sheryl, enjoy time with my three great kids or play with my granddaughters. I also love to play and watch sports and run or ride my bike. Mostly I love watching Jesus work in my life and the lives of others as we allow His Word to govern us and His Spirit to guide us.
Please contact me with any comments or questions at 306-934-8981 or email me.
I have been the youth pastor here at Sutherland Evangelical Church since May 2020. It has been an outstanding joy to serve here, and I feel privileged and honoured. I trust in my Lord and want for my life to be guided by His will and His ways, as I look to the cross and what He did for me. This decision I made when I was 4 years old, but it has taken on a much greater depth and meaning for my life today. God has taught me many things and indeed will continue to teach me many things, but trusting in Him will still be foundational. Some of the things I enjoy doing are spending quality time with my wife Britney, reading, studying God’s Word, and hanging out with young people. I also like playing recreational sports and putting smiles on people’s faces.
I can be reached at 306-934-8981 or email me
BonnieI started as the Administrative Assistant at Sutherland Evangelical Church in May of 2010 and feel blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of the SEC team. I have been a Christian since the age of 13 and a member of SEC, along with my husband, since 1993, when it was still Westmount Evangelical Church. Besides living life as a follower of Christ, my greatest joys in life are to be the wife of a great guy, the mother to wonderful children and the grandma to two amazing little boys. I also enjoy reading, playing Upwords, riding my bike, camping and just hanging out on my quiet acreage.
If you need to contact the SEC office, I will gladly take your call or reply to your email. 306-934-8981 or email me.
I joined the SEC staff team at the end of 2018. I have been a member of this church since 2005 and a Christian since the age of nine. I have enjoyed serving in the church as a volunteer in many different capacities over the years and it is my privilege to take on the role of Treasurer. My goal is to serve to the best of my ability to bring honour and glory to God. Besides serving the Lord and crunching numbers, I also enjoy reading, playing Scrabble, and spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren.
Please contact me or the church office with any questions regarding church finances, gifting options, etc.
306-934-8981 or email the church.